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Dr Butera
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Butera Chiropractic:
Functional Medicine

Isolate and Integrate®

My work is a fusion of the healing arts. I have a strong background in chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, dance and Pilates. Over the past 20 years I have developed a rehabilitation program that offers a functional rehab model in 3 planes of motion while combining these principles.

This theory of moving the treatment into various positions addresses the individual patient's needs in a functional and usable manner. This principle makes the technique efficient, effective and complete.

The Initiation of the Motion Creates the Motion®

I was first a dancer. When I went into chiropractic I had to put aside all that I knew to learn a new way of thinking. Painful as it was to do, this action proved intelligent. When I received my degree I went back to use the tools I once knew to form the basis of the clinical understanding that has led to the development of this comprehensive program.

Dance is a series of motions, created by the intention and initiation® of the dancer, to create a quality and an image. The initiation of a motion creates the form, shape, force, and function of the activity. Thinking this way, I could view the human body and create a system that would encompass all kinds of movement - A system that integrates isolated motions to define its function.

Dance reviews

  • Butera gives each movement full and personal attention...
    - Star Ledger NYC 1981
  • Butera cut through space with lean, taut gestures that gave the air a paplable texture as it opened and closed around her...
    - Atlanta 1987
  • Butera is superbly trained and her work is a swift and sure pleasure...propulsive and engrossing...
    - Atlanta 1987


My first response to a patient accepted into care is chiropractic - the technique I use may vary but the premise of structural integrity and clearing nerve interference is primary to good health.

Adjunct therapy to increase the desired results of treatment will be applied:

  1. Chiropractics- clears the body and corrects function on the nervous system and joints
  2. Acupuncture - clears the body of reactionary spasms, weakness and habitual reflexes
  3. Nutrition - clears inflammation and provides regeneration
  4. Pilates rehab/ taping/ - clears old movement patterns and begins an intergration of all movement to the core and spine
  5. Fascial release /Graston/ for isolated and synergistic muscle groups/- clears the connective tissue and allows a deeper integration of movement patterns

The patient learns why they get injured and how to prevent the cycle from re-occurring. I group exercises into 3 groups :

  1. Scapula stability
  2. Pelvic stability
  3. Abdominal strength

Each exercise will be in relation to one of these groups -and - varied from position and plane - in accordance with the desired level of the patient's need of correction.

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