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Dr Butera
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Butera Chiropractic: Pre-Natal Care
The care and treatment of mother and infant: pre-birth and after

Webster Technique:

I have been a student, friend and peer of Dr Larry Webster since my clinical work began. The Webster Technique is a series of gentle adjustments to the sacrum - pelvis- hips and ligaments posterior and anterior that allow decreased pain, balance and strength for the mother and ease of enviroment and position for the infant.

And yes - the mother can lie comfortably face down for some of these procedures- which is usually a treat for her.

Mothers-to-be receive treatments which include chiropractic, Webster technique, diaphragmatic release ( for nausea and relaxation), pelvic floor work, yogic energetic and strength movements and breath work.

Infants with special needs post birth are often seen with their moms for the afterbirth check. Our youngest patient was 7 days old!

The treatment for the child is comprehensive, modified by the "patient's personality" and with a light and playful touch. The results are often quick.

Our patients are often referred to us by local ob-gyns, midwives, dulas, yoga teachers and our community of patients who have received these treatments.