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Butera Chiropractic:
Chiropractic Care

Welcome and thank you for choosing Butera Chiropractic! Over the years we have developed a comprehensive health care system which is customized for each of our patients. We would like to provide you information concerning our practices, office procedures, treatments, advantages and risk factors involved in participating in your personalized health care treatment plan with us.

The following video demonstrates a chiropractic adjustment and its results:

Chiropractic Treatment

The doctor will "adjust" the "subluxation" ( the act of moving one bone into alignment with the one below in order to decrease pain, inflammation, and nerve interference while increasing range-of-motion, nerve transmission, and health).

Chiropractic increases health by allowing nerve pathways to work at their full potential as they transmit information from the brain to the organ. Problems such as headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders and other illnesses can be addressed by these techniques.

Adjustments of the extremities (i.e. hands, feet, wrists, knees, hips, and shoulders) are also addressed in this manner to improve physical performance of the body, reduce pain, inflammation and facilitate activities of daily living.

Patient Goals and Motivation

Why are you here? You may be seeking care for:

  • a primary pain syndrome
  • physical performance support
  • accidents or lifestyle habits that have worsened a pre-existing or arthritic condition
  • an interest in increasing overall health

First Level Assessment

Dr. Butera will take a history and assess the goals of the patient. Together we will develop:

  • a list of prioritized goals
  • treatment options to find the best solution to individual needs
  • a care plan timeline including all goals

Factors Determining Health Care Timeline

  • duration of problem or injury
  • chronicity of injury versus acute injury
  • degree of pain or injury
  • environmental, lifestyle, and professional considerations
  • patient compliance

Chiropractic Risks and Solutions

  • Risk:

    Patient has cervical arterial compromise, i.e. decreased blood flow to the brain due to constriction of the artery (often caused by arterial plaquing, hereditary conditions and illnesses) in combination with certain motions.


    Patient is assessed by orthopedic tests, health and family history, and other diagnostics as needed. If findings are positive and patient is found to be at risk no adjustment to that area would be performed and alternative treatments would be offered i.e. activator technique, trigger point work, and light touch techniques.
  • Risk:

    Patient has disc protrusion or rupture, fracture, osteoporosis.


    no adjustment to that area would be performed and alternative treatments would be offered i.e. activator technique, trigger point work, light touch techniques, and specific exercises.
  • Risk:

    Patient has fibromyalgia or other syndromes of pain or toxicity resulting in ultra sensitivity to treatment.


    Light touch techniques and attention to diet and nutrition along with re-evaluation of general health care profile and treatment plan.

Risks Without Chiropractic Treatment

  • Gradual degeneration of spine, disc, nerve, and muscle
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Increased pain
  • Decreased strength
  • Increased medication and side-effects
  • Decrease in general health
  • Surgery